How do I add a slideshow to lightbox shortcode and gallery items?

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Please Note: This upgrade requires Karma v2.6.5 or higher.


This article describes how to add multiple images to the lightbox shortcode and/or gallery items. By default only a single image can be displayed however the details below provide instructions for using multiple images.

General Instructions:

Here is a basic overview of the steps we’ll be following:

  1. Download and install the custom Karma plugin
  2. Follow instructions below for implementing multiple-image lightboxes and multiple-image gallery items

Step 1: Download Custom Karma Plugin

  1. Click here to download the custom Karma Plugin
  2. Log into your WordPress Dashboard
  3. Install and Activate the Plugin: Plugins > Add New > Upload > Install > Activate

Setup Instructions: Multiple images / Lightbox Shortcode:

Please follow the steps below to enable multiple image within lightbox shortcode. (please note: you must first install the plugin from step 1)

  • The Plugin will activate a new Shortcode available to Karma called: lightbox2
  • Please note: The Shortcode is not added to the Shortcode Manager.
  • Grab the Shortcode below and modify with your image information:
    [lightbox2 style="shadow" image_path="" popup="" link_to_page="" target="" description="" size="portrait_thumb" image_paths_in_group="" group="" image_descriptions_in_group=""] 

Shortcode Details:

  • There are 2 new options within the lightbox2 shortcode:
    group=”” and image_paths_in_group=””
  • group=”” should be set with an unique number (ie. group=”gallery20″)
  • image_paths_in_group=”” will contain the image paths for your additional images.
  • Separate each image url with a vertical bar: |
  • image_descriptions_in_group=”” will contain the description for each image in the lightbox.
  • Separate each description with a vertical bar: |

Example of completed shortcode:

[lightbox2 style="shadow" image_path="" popup="" link_to_page="" target="" description="This is description 1" size="portrait_thumb" image_paths_in_group="|" group="pg_1" image_descriptions_in_group="This is description 2|This is description 3"]

Need some shortcode assistance? This video outlines how to use the Karma’s default shortcodes.

Setup Instructions: Multiple images / Gallery+Portfolio Items:

  • The setup process is very similar to the original gallery functionality (link to training video listed below)
  • The plugin will retrieve all images which have been attached to a post and group them together as a single slideshow within the lightbox.

Creating the mutliple-image gallery/portfolio post:

  • Follow the same post-creation process just as your normally would (outlined in the video below)
  • After naming the post and setting the featured image click on the default “Add Media” button
  • Now upload any images you wish to be part of the “multiple-image” group. Do not “insert the images into post” simply upload them and close the window. The plugin you installed will recognize these images and do all the heavy lifting for you.
  • That’s all :)
Need assistance setting up your gallery/portfolio page? Check out this training video for complete details.
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