How do I add image thumbnails to the “Latest Blog Posts” shortcode?

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This article describes how to add image thumbnails to the “Latest Blog Post” shortcode. Provided below is a custom plugin to help make this a very seamless process.

General Instructions:

  1. Click here to download a custom Thumbnails Plugin built specially for the Sterling theme.
  2. Upload and activate the Plugin via your WordPress Dashboard:
    Plugins > Add New > Upload and activate
  3. That’s it! The default shortcode will now have some new parameters for displaying thumbnails. (details below)

The New Shortcode:

Important: We’ve listed the upgraded shortcode below. This shortcode will only work after the above steps have been followed. To prevent any bugs please use only one type of shortcode. (for example: either use the new shortcode listed below or use the default shortcode that came with the theme , do not use both)

[blog_posts_featured_image title='Latest Posts from the Blog!' count='3' post_category='']

– Displays the Title above the section
count=” – Dictates the number of Posts displayed
post_category=” – Dictates the Category name the Shortcode should pull from. Leave blank to display from all Categories.

(click screenshot for full-size view)

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