Exchange an HTML Web Template for it’s WordPress Version (refund)

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This article describes how to exchange your HTML Web Template for it’s WordPress Version. Sometimes the incorrect Theme is purchased or sometimes WordPress is the more efficient option for your website project. We’re happy to help you make the switch.

Please note that any items purchased longer than 30 days ago are no longer eligible for exchange.

General Instructions:

We unfortunately don’t have access to the ThemeForest financial/download system so the steps below will need to be followed. (please note these steps are for the Karma WordPress Theme however the same steps can be followed for our other themes)

  1. Purchase and download the Karma WordPress Theme just as you normally would. (be sure you’ve purchased both the HTML Theme and WordPress Theme before contacting us in #2)
  2. Use the contact form on the right hand side our ThemeForest profile page to send us a message outlining the PayPal ID where you’d like to get the refund. (screenshot of the contact form can be seen below)
  3. Once we receive the message we’ll send over the $20 HTML payment to the PayPal email address supplied to us.

Please Note: If you are instead returning the WordPress theme for the HTML theme, you will follow the same process as above but instead you will buy the HTML theme and we will refund the WordPress money.

Thanks so much for all your support.


ThemeForest Contact Form:

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