Center an image frame

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Centering an image frame can be done by adding a small bit of Custom CSS to your website. Please follow these steps for centering an image frame:

  1. Access the Styling Options panel by clicking on ‘Appearance > Site Options > Styling Options’.
  2. Scroll down, locate the ‘Custom CSS’ section, and input the CSS code below.
  3. All image frames will now be horizontally centered.

For the Karma theme:

.modern_img_frame {margin: 0 auto;}

For the Sterling theme:

.img-frame {margin: 0 auto;}

Please note:

If you wish to do this on a “per-frame” basis, then simply switch to the Text Editor and wrap the Shortcode with standard HTML center Tags like so:

<center>[image_frame size="full-half" image_path="" description="" link_to_page="" target="_self"]</center>