Change jQuery Slider Settings (Karma HTML Theme)

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  • As of Karma version 4.0 the settings for the jQuery Sliders can be found near line 65 of the following file:
  • Listed below is an overview of the various adjustments available for modification.


Turn on Autoplay

To turn on auto-play simply adjust the “slideshowSpeed” to a lower number. This value represents the number of milliseconds the slider stays still before scrolling to the next slide. A very high value will give the illusion of “non auto-play”. (1000 = 1 second)

slideshowSpeed: 5000,


Randomize Slides

To change the Slider Order to Random on Page load, simply change:

randomize: false,


randomize: true,

“Pause on Hover”

To set the Slider Transition to stop on the Mouse Over, simply change:

pauseOnHover: false,


pauseOnHover: true,