Logo Position

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If your Logo seems to be too low in the header, a bit out of place, you can adjust its position.

Bellow are different options depending on your situation.
Add any of the codes to the Custom CSS area in Site Options > Styling Options:

To raise the Logo higher:

#header .logo {margin-top:-22px !important;}

To reduce space bellow the Logo:

#header .logo {margin-bottom:-22px !important;}

To push the Logo further left:

#header .logo {margin-left:-1px !important;}

To reduce any padding bellow the Logo:

#header .logo {margin-bottom:-10px !important;}

You can also use any combination of the above:

#header .logo {margin-top:-22px !important;margin-left:-1px !important;margin-bottom:-10px !important;}

To float the Logo to the right:

#header .logo {float:right !important;}

If you are using the Custom Logo Builder, you will need to use a
#header .custom-logo class instead, just like so:

#header .custom-logo {margin-top:-22px !important;}

Please note: The above margins in the code are just for example purposes. Please adjust them higher or lower according to your specific needs.